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Frederick Odorige
February 29, 2020 at 2:32 AM

AN ELDER STATESMAN is not defined by how long you have been in politics to serve your greed. It is defined by how long you have been in politics to serve your country so that future generations will not become greedy or suffer what you suffered.

Sadly, for the past 37 years, Nigeria has not produced any politician genuinely qualified to be called a statesman. We have produced hundreds of chop-I-chop voracious and insatiable politicians who cannot recite the first stanza of our national anthem. If you want to embarrass them, simply tell them to recite the national pledge.

When a Governor who was in full control of a state with 20 local government areas for 8 years, decides to contest election into the senate in order to superintend over 5 or 6 local governments, he is simply a greedy politician struggling to remain politically relevant.

What you cannot change in 20 LGs for 8 years, cannot be changed by you as a senator in 16 years.

As a governor, you had opportunity to tell your three senators what you expected them to do at the senate.

David Mark of Benue state cannot be referred to as an elder states man. He was Military governor of Niger state; he was Minister of communication; he was in the senate for 16 years. He is the longest serving Senate President with 8 years in office. His daughter Lady Blessing Onuh is currently a member of the House of Representatives. As if it was a family affair, she won her Uncle in the election that took her to the House.

It means that David Mark represents all that is wrong with Nigeria. He was in government all through the military years of subjugation. He became a ‘repentant’ (currently trending) democrat. He witnessed the rise and fall of Nigeria but did nothing to help or improve our situation. He fathered and feathered a failed state. Not too long ago, a part of David Mark’s compound got burnt. 2 ambulance vehicles parked in the premises got burnt. Don’t ask me what he was doing with 2 of such vehicles when our hospitals lack such.

Today, the Nigerian senate is full of self-seeking ex-governors and children of former politicians. They knew the new Pharoahs! Divide Nigeria into 774 countries today and you will realise that children of old Pharoahs are waiting to take over. Today, soldiers and police officers still protect the Marks who stole from the people.

Musliu Obanikoro can never be referred to as an elder states man. He was a Senator. He later became Nigerian ambassador to Ghana. Then he became Minister of state for defence where he, Ayo Fayose and others stole money meant to equip the Nigerian army. Now our soldiers are being killed like chickens because destiny killers stole what should have protected them. Today, Obanikoro’s son named Ibrahim Babajide Obanikoro is a member of the House of Representatives. New Pharaohs!

If Nigeria is divided into 774 countries now, Ibrahim will easily win election as the president of the country called ‘Eti-Osa’ which he currently represents as a Representative.

Today, soldiers and police officers are still protecting the Obanikoros that stole from them but turn their guns at us in the name of SARS or whatever. Fela Anikulapo Kuti called them zombies.

Senator Abubakar Kyari, Chairman of the Senate committee on defence is the son of late Brigadier Abba Kyari who was former military administrator to North Central between 1967 to 1975. The recycling will continue and their children will lead our children. Their grandchildren will also lead our grandchildren as long as we remain quiet.

Our true elder statesmen put their differences aside and together, fought for our independence from colonialists. Then the Marks, Obanikoros, Buharis et al, came and took us back to our pre-colonial days. Today’s politicians put their differences aside to loot us into becoming the poverty capital of the world and the home of terrorism.

Now we are in the era of neo-colonialism. Now we need a second Nigeria independence from those we thought that we could trust. Our politicians are not only greedy, they are very wicked. They are evil. Can you not see how they run our senate? They are silent at all the murderous mess going on in our country so that the contracts and selfish interests they are greedily pursuing are not withdrawn.

Cry not for Nigeria.

Alas! Nigerians are to blame. We are victims of our decades of silence. We fenced our private compounds from our neighbours but refused to fence our country from evil politicians.

Our youths gladly became their political thugs in order to extend our years of oppression. Godfathers picked their candidates that give them monthly returns from our commonwealth while the rest of us sit-down-look and complain.

Next time I will share with you why our next president in 2023 must not be more than 57 years of age.

Until we put our tribes, region and religion aside; until we educate our northern folks who suffer more than us despite the fact that northerners have ruled the longest number of years; until we put country above political parties, we shall all continue to complain and insult ourselves on social media while politicians drive in their convoys blaring their sirens and spraying pot hole water at our children beggars who sit beside our death trapped roads.

2023 is not as far as you think. The Pharoahs are already scheming so that a Moses will remain afloat in his basket for the tide to wash him far away from the hope of redemption.

Frederick Odorige

Dem dey steal like say dem nor go die!
Frederick Odorige
February 25, 2020 at 2:32 AM

Have you observed that since 31 December 1983 when Maj. Gen Muhammadu Buhari overthrew President Shehu Shagari, Nigeria has not produced any NATIONAL LEADER, living or dead, who is worthy to have his/her photograph on our national currency? Look around you…

Today`s national woes are testimonies of idiots` greed.

True leaders do not smile to the bank; they sow currency for posterity.

Why do you loot the currency with photographs of those that laboured, when your photograph will merely end up as obituary posters and plastic souvenirs?

Show me a contemporary bank-full politician and I will show you the traits of our posterity-full heroes past and their legacies:

Azikiwe-Nkrumah Hall, the oldest building on the Lincoln University campus, USA;

Nnamdi Azikiwe Library at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka;

Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium in Enugu;

Azikiwe Avenue in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania;

Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Awka, Anambra State;

CRDB Azikiwe Branch in Dar es Salaam;

Nnamdi Azikwe Hall, University of Ibadan;

Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja;

Nnamdi Azikiwe Press Centre, Ikoyi, Lagos;

Nnamdi Azikiwe`s picture has been on Nigeria’s ₦500 currency since April 2001.

`Zik of Africa` lived to see his photograph on our national currency. Since his demise in 1996, the Central Bank of Nigeria continue to print his photograph in clean mint to feed the greedy instincts of men!

Today`s so-called leaders name monuments after themselves but monuments were named after Azikiwe!

Please tell somebody: I will not die a nonentity!

Go ahead, tell 7 persons around you: I refuse to die a NONENTITY!!!!!!

Legacy is the shiny thread by which currencies are made.


Frederick Odorige

Next level Leaders
Frederick Odorige
February 19 2020 at 8:24 PM

WHEN the youths were contesting to be President of Nigeria in 2019, the old masquerades, based on political ancestry, confidently argued that the young ones had no EXPERIENCE.

They questioned what the young ones had managed or previously achieved. In mockery, they advised the young smart ones to start from Councillorship level.

The masquerades boasted, jumped, twisted, pranced, gallivanted and danced on campaign platforms singing their voices hoarse with their vuvuzelas. They vigorously waved their party flags, decked in their evil party costumes where they secretly hid their cowries and charmed bangles made from human fetus. They spat on microphones, claiming that they had the juju to bring the desired change to revive and rejuvenate our country that has been surviving on a life support machine and borrowed oxygen. Their audience hailed and yelled in choral unison drenched in sweat and the re-assuring hope of promise.

Then other gullible youths joined the old masquerades to either articulate or next-level their dreams against their vibrant contemporaries.

Alas! With my very eyes – even as the dark cloud thicken to deep grey, I can clearly see that this same juju is about to kill the masquerades and their herbalists that did this to the 200 million of us.

The juju faded injuriously and the herbalist is scampering for cover….

Frederick Odorige

That Supreme Court Judgement In Bayelsa State
The BAYELSA Conundrum!
Dr. Don Pedro Obaseki
February 15 at 2:44 AM

Bayelsa takes us back to the Landmark judgements of the 1979 Awolowo v. Shagari case. The Electoral Act and the Constitution prescribes _winning one quarter (25%) of the votes in two thirds (66.6%) of all the Local Govt areas of the state_

Now Bayelsa State has Eight (8) LGAs. PDP scored above the mandatory 25% in 5 LGAs, while scoring 19% in a 6th LGA. (See Table below)

Now here is the conundrum. Does 5 LGAs constitute two thirds of 8 LGAs? NO! On the other hand, does 6 LGAs constitute two thirds of 8 LGAs? Also NO!

2/3 of 8 LGAs is 5.33 LGAs!


In 1979, Shagari’s lawyer, Chief Richard Akinjide, SAN, came up with 12 two third as the two thirds of 19 states – with the 13th state divided into three and votes cast in two thirds of the state constituting the figure from whence came two thirds of votes said to have been secured by Shagari, earning him the constitutionally required votes. This was accepted by 6 of the 7 judges, with only Kayode Eso, JSC dissenting. Those who agreed with the “Arithmetic” of Akinjide (The doctrine of substantial Compliance) were Atanda Fatai Williams, Andrews Otutu Obaseki, Chike Idigbe, Mohammed Bello, Mohammed Uwais, and Ayo Irikefe.

Now, to solve that Conundrum:

1. So, will we now have 5 two third as the two thirds of 8 Local Govt Areas – with the 6th Local Govt Area divided into three and votes cast in two thirds of the LGA constituting the figure from whence comes two thirds of votes said to have been secured by PDP’s candidate, Duoye Diri thus earning him the constitutionally required votes?


2. Since the Candidacy of APC’s David Lyon and his running mate was NULL and VOID, can the votes cast to them be legal valid votes when their candidacy was nullified? Since they were not ELIGIBLE to participate in the Election, can they EARN Votes? If their votes are Null, since their candidacy was null ab initio, then the NEW Total VOTES will be All Votes MINUS the Votes credited to APC’s David Lyon and his running mate. In that case, the PDP stands duly elected. Incontrovertibly.

Dr. Don Pedro Obaseki

Frederick Odorige
February 12, 2020 at 11:59 PM

Nothing gave me more joy today 12-02-2020 than seeing our very swagalicious Oga in court, to keep fate and solidarity with Omoyele Sowore the vicious disrupter against political malady.

Oga’s fluffy white hair was whiter than the lawyer’s wig. Many years ago I read Oga’s classical tragedy play titled “Madmen and Specialists” which was thematically spun around depravity, corruption and usurpation. Today I perceive the madmen whose nomenclature exudes far worse odoferous chicanery and murderous bestiality than the traits of the Biblical mad man of Gadarene in search of a Specialist.

I fell in love with Oga’s poem titled “To My first white hairs” over 30 years ago when I was a theatre Arts undergraduate at the great Uniben. He described his first white hairs as “… lightning shrunk to ant’s antenna, shrivelled

off the febrile sight of crickets in the sun”.

As the Sowore vs FGN legal dance of anorexia descends into macabre, even as darkness hovers over our land, I know that it will end around the synopsis of Oga’s drama titled ‘A Dance of the Forest’. A dramatic piece which `warned Nigerians and all Africans that their energies henceforth should be spent trying to avoid repeating the mistakes that have already been made.`

Oga’s rare dictum and uncommon syntaxes of words taught us how to write and philosophize with words far beyond the simplicity of Onuora Nzekwu’s “Eze Goes to School”.

Oga’s writings keep you thinking deep. We never used acronyms like IJN to mean In Jesus Name. We never wrote LLNP to mean Long Life And Prosperity. We were not corrupted by short forms in the name of SMS. We wrote words out in their fullness!

Oga is one of the few living legends that has fought consistently to propagate social justice and national growth. Oga fears no foe. When Patience Goodluck was getting too excited with power, Oga asked “Is she the first First Lady?”

Once upon a time, long before Sani Abacha the vicious usurper started sending us intermittent credit alert from his craggy grave, courageous Oga refered to him as “…an illiterate..a cretin.” Our Oga has never been a coward. Oga nor dey fear face!

Thank you sir for adding colour and pouring libation to appease the gods by cleansing the High Court of Justice previously desecrated by overzealous security agents hungry for promotion that evaporates with time.

I look forward to seeing traditional rulers decked in royal costumes attend the next court sitting of Sowore. Will his Majesty the Ooni of Ife attend? How nice it will be to see his entourage heralded by his sonorous praise singers and their giggy gongs! Alafin of Oyo nko? Or the Olowo of Owo from Sowore’s Ondo state. The generalissimo Aare Ona Kakanfo Gani Adams is another fearless and respected Yoruba leader. Oh! I wish Oga could bring him along next time!

New generation facebookers may not know that Oga’s solidarity with Sowore stems from the fact that though they are not contemporaries, they are both comrades in “treasonable felony”!

On the 13th day of March 1997, Oga and 11 others were charged by Abacha for treasonable felony. That was two years after Abacha had killed Ken Saro-Wiwa and spirited his corpse in acid just as Saudi Arabians did with the corpse of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2019.

Oga has relently fought against military rule since 1965. When you consider how some Nigerians have risked their lives to sustain and promote democracy, we must become guilty whenever we tolerate bad governance. Whenever thugs steal ballot boxes, disrupt our elections and kill our compatriots just for our oppressors to come into office, they gravely dishonour those that risked their lives, got killed, beaten and imprisoned for us to enjoy today’s dangling democracy. We must declare war against political thuggery.

Oga told Buhari: You can’t honour Abiola and be praising Abacha.

When Oga heard about Sowore’s arrest, he said ” We are back to the Abacha days”.

Oga called Babaginda “evil at heart and in intent”.

Just as retd Maj. General Muhammadu Buhari is doing to Sowore who called for a revolution, this same Buhari also arrested and detained pro-democracy activist Tai Solari for distributing leaflets calling for a return to democracy when Buhari was military head of state.

Many do not know that just as Buhari arrested and detained Omoyele Sowore partly because he met with Nnamdi Kanu in New York, General Yakubu Gowon also arrested and detained Wole Soyinka for two years for secretly meeting with Chukwuemeka Ojukwu in Enugu in the month of August 1967.

The SO-SO that begin the surnames of SOyinka and SOwore could have spiritual and psycho-social connotations. Só is an Hungarian word for salt. SOyinka and SOwore have salted our political space by becoming irritants to bad governance. In and out of prison, their conscience never allowed them to sleep peacefully whenever the land cries for justice.

Many do not know how much Buhari loves the Petroleum Ministry. When Buhari was Minister of Petroleum and Natural resources under General Olusegun Obasanjo in 1976, N3.4b went missing. That was when naira as real naira. That was when a brand new 504 Peugeot car sold for N3,800. There as nothing like ‘Tokunbo’ then.

When Shehu Shagari came into office as a civilian President in 1979 after Obasanjo’s military regime, Shagari quickly constituted a committee to investigate the missing 3.4b. Gbam! Buhari struck with a coup and removed Shagari as president through a military coup. That was the end of the N3.4b brouhaha. Today, Buhari is Presido-Minister of Petroleum. Over N500b is already missing in the same ministry. Who is auditing that Ministry today? If they hear you say piim, hate speech law will snuff life out of your snoring throat! I will not even write that. I dey craze?

Whenever a murderer sees a man holding cutlass behind him, he becomes afraid. Buhari has seen coup and counter coups. When he heard Sowore mention Revo…., I could imagine Buhari screaming at Yusuf Magaji Bichi the Director General of the State Security Service: “Are you still the director of SSS? Did you not hear that boy shouting Revo? If I hear the other part of ‘lution’, I will do to you what you cannot predict. Sheikh El-Zakzaky is a living testimony.” Thereafter, SSS refused to release Sowore against court order so that `a car will not hit him on the road`.

Fellow Nigerians, verily verily, I say unto you: When Buhari appointed loyal top security officers and other persons into sensitive key positions, the purpose was not to secure Nigeria or fight terrorism. It was simply to protect himself and to prevent another coup. The events of the 1984 coup that booted him out of power is still very fresh in his memory. Ibrahim Babaginda his Chief of Staff overthrew and detained him. Buhari’s mother died when he was in detention. He was not allowed to attend the funeral ceremony. If you are thinking that this same Buhari will allow Nnamdi Kanu to come home and attend the funeral ceremony of his parents and return freely back to the United Kingdom, then you are a wishful thinker.

For those of you that love Sowore just as I do, please permit me to break your heart by telling you, without mincing words, that Stephen Omoyele Sowore cannot be Nigerian President in 2023. Orange berets and facebook by themselves don’t win elections; foot soldiers do! Will Sowore contest under today’s AAC? ‘I bow to you o’!

If Sowore must be President in 2023, the political platform must be clearly defined by July 2020. By July 2021, he must have dependable followers in at least 8 local government areas in each of the 12 northern sharia states. Sowore cannot achieve this alone. All hands must be on deck. Mark your territory and strategize on how to take it back for Sowore and for all of us. Do not wait for somebody to supervise you. Supervise others. Procrastination is the thief of time.

By December 2021, Sowore must pick a like-minded running mate, preferably a young and highly enlightened female with very huge ethno-religious family background and fluency in Hausa language. A woman that could sit on a moving truck during campaigns; vigorously waiving the Nigerian flag while the almajiris throng around her in celestial unison as a light and beacon of hope. A woman that has eyes that radiate rays of sunshine and a voice that roars like thunder! The time has come in Nigeria were women must be given their pride of place like in Finland. Your running mate matters a lot. Ask David Lyon the elected but sacked APC Governor of Bayelsa state!

All Sowore’s faithful supporters must put pen on paper NOW and begin underground strategizing by recruiting outspoken and articulated students’ groups in all higher institutions across the country.

Share the territories and assign coordinators. Translate short but powerful enlightenment slogans in Hausa and Fula. By January 2022 you must have 774 like-able table shakers to contest as Chairpersons in all the local government areas across the country. These ones should recruit their squads of potential Councilors. You do not need to be rich to contest as a Local Government Chairman. Simply get a team of volunteers and begin to do consistent community services for 10 months. Patch roads. Dig gutters to check flooding. Visit hospitals and pray with the sick. Join to clean markets. Attend social functions and be seen genuinely greeting people. Visit schools and advise the students about the power of knowledge. That is all. Your people will never forget if you are strong enough to protect their votes.

By July 2022 before the campaign will commence in November 2022, you already have a full list of trusted party agents that will mount all the 176,996 polling units across the country. Two persons per polling unit. That is 353,992 human beings with efficient and effective communications operated by 6 gallant coordinators across the 6 geopolitical zones.

Every member of the RevolutionNow facebook platform must add 50 members each in order to hit 1 million members as foot soldiers and vital information carriers. Note that security agents and other party spies are also in the groups. Such persons do not comment. They just read and gather information. Open their profiles and you will see very few friends and same photographs repeatedly posted. It is not their real names and profile photos either. They are the witches and wizards on social media. Some of them are my `friends` on facebook too; watching and waiting for me to be accused of committing treasonable felony.

If you can religiously start solid mobilization and sensitization now, then the revolution they fear and hate to hear will ferociously seize the sea shores with rhythmic dance waves packing debris and coral stone down the silver sand of time. Trees must begin to sway and allow their leaves to clap their hands awaiting liquid change. Recruit strategists and give them targets within deadlines. Recruit international election planners and media jingoists. You must begin to propel the Seun Kutis, Deji Adeyanjus and the Aisha Yesufs of today to run as Governors or Senators on the same platform.

People like Frederick Odorige do not contest elections. We tailor the political velvets. We are catalysts for good governance bulldozing through thick and thin in twists and turns across national frontiers. We all cannot be President, Governors or Legislators.

Taking power from vampires is far more than the anointing of Paul shaking the poisonous serpent into the fire.

Eh hen…

Our Oga has been fighting to see better life and better government for Nigerians. He rules the literary world like a colossus. The world stood up in 1986 to present him the prestigious Nobel Prize for Literature in far away Norway. He was described as he “who in a wide cultural perspective and with poetic overtones fashions the drama of existence.”

Never has a Nigerian received so much applause and accolades. Indeed some Kings are born; not crowned. Though Soyinka is originally from Abeokuta, he remains the Okuta in Abeokuta.

Our quintessential and ever rugged Oga Wole Soyinka, we pay reverence to you! Anthony Joshua joins us to prostrate before you.

Oga, next time we shall bring fresh palm wine and aged kolanuts to receive your prayers so that with time our white hairs will also become fluffy. They saw your hair and they dropped some charges against Sowore. Oga na wa!

Thank you sir, for attending the court session today. Thank you for bringing hope when fear grips the strong!

Baba Soyinka, as constant as the northern star!

Deep in my heart, I know that soon and very soon, all these governance by terror, by horror and by error, will surely pass away!

I believe!!

Frederick Odorige

Who wants Senator Abaribe in jail?
Frederick Odorige
February 3, 2020 at 12:13 PM

WHEN SOMEBODY LIKE GARBA SHEHU Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity and others argue with you that Senator Abaribe is supposed to be in jail for paying surety for Nnamdi Kanu who later escaped, please remind them of these two points:

Firstly, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe and others deposited money as guarantors- which could be forfeited if the suspect disappears. If not, what is the purpose of the deposit? Should Kanu had stayed when the body language of the soldiers were tending towards killing him? I would not had advised any of my friend or blood brother to stay back in a judiciary, executive and legislature controlled by a Head of State who has no respect for our constitution!

It was not enough that Kanu threatened ‘Biafra or death’. Escaping from untimely death was the best decision he ever took since he was born. Any wise person would equally had escaped.

It was not enough that Kanu threatened ‘Biafra or death’. Escaping from untimely death was the best decision he ever took since he was born. Any wise person would equally had escaped.

Secondly, Kabiru Sokoto is a terrorist who in 2011, killed 32 Nigerians on Christmas day after Catholic mass service in Madalla at the outskirt of Abuja. Kabiru was arrested and the Commissioner of Police Zakari Biu from Bornu State reportedly connived and released terrorist Kabiru. Zakari Biu was later dismissed from the police in 2013 during the tenure of Jonathan Goodluck for acts of complicity and professional misconduct.

Immediately Retired Maj. Gen M. Buhari resumed as Head of state in 2015, he recalled, reinstated and restored Zakari Biu’s to his position. Zakari was reported to have received salary for the years he was dismissed!

Buhari supported the escape of a confirmed terrorist and he continue to re-integrate so-called repentant Boko haram terrorists as a way of re-cycling insurgency!

Biafra is not a terrorist organization but I do not support the disintegration of Nigeria. Restructure, Yes! Break, No!! Restructure, Yes! Break, No!

It is a personal opinion. I respect your opinion too. Please respect mine. That is the true meaning of democracy.

If we end up having a referendum and the majority vote that the country should be splitted, then we must respect the opinion of the majority. The division or non-division of Nigeria will not happen through the social media. We are only expressing our opinions here. That is why facebook asks “what is on your mind?”.

Please let us save our energy!

WE must speak with one voice if we truly need the freedom and justice we crave for. One tribe does not have the ability to free itself.

Together we can. Yes we are stronger together.

Frederick Odorige

Why Nigeria Must Not Disintegrate
Restructure; Yes.
Frederick Odorige
February 4 at 2:32 AM

Division into countries; No!!

Have you wondered why it took just about 3 years for the government of Nigeria to end the civil war, but could not end the fight against boko haram for 17 years?

Why were we able to speak with one voice and seized independence from colonialists? Why have we not been able to seize power from today’s taskmasters who are now neo-colonialists? Our own people! Now we need a second Nigerian independence from our politicians now or never.

In today’s national construction, I do not see the possibilities of division without going through war. 1100 pump actions were seized at the port in 2017. Another 400 were later seized. 2 private jet fighters were also seized in 2016. Where are they today? They are mostly in the north.

A Russian ship load of ammunitions were seized in South Africa on its way to Nigeria in in August 2018. Till date the Nigerian government did not comment on that. That shipment was worth $3.6m, and it contained 34 containers with arms and explosives. Can we tell how many of such weapons entered Nigeria unintercepted? That ship already passed through India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Mozambique, and Tanzania ports.

There are statements that ammunitions are flowing into Nigeria from Turkey and Iran. Any government statement in response? No!

Apart from arresting pro- democracy activists, the primary aim of the State Security Service is to gather intelligence that could prevent and arrest all the problems of insecurity we have today. Why are they silent? Agenda!

The recent meeting by notable politicians and stakeholders from the middle belt, east, south and west of the country to canvass for restructuring, is a right move. Govern your states and enact laws that will protect and develop your people. Some advocates for disintegration have no strategy apart from the social media. Call them for simple protests and they will quickly disappear. Leaders have suddenly woken up to realize the social injustice Sowore and others have been clamouring against, yet they intentionally refuse to speak against the incarceration of Sowore.

Those unkept fulani herdsmen carry sophisticated arms. Who supplies them? More ammunitions are in the North. What Delta militants have cannot be compared. Those security chiefs positioned by Buhari in the north will open our armoury and supply northerners with guns if we attempt breaking away. Many persons in the north will gladly receive 2k daily to kill. Those that kill now do not receive as much. The sponsors of BH are in government. Senator Ali Ndume and Ali Sheriff Modu were once implicated and nothing came out of it. Boko Haram supporters will open the porous borders in the north for foreign mercenaries to pour into the visa-free country. Making Nigeria visa-free is part of the agenda. We currently have 1,840 porous borders. Army chiefs know that this is the time for them to be at all borders. Why are they not there? It is intentional.

When Buhari ordered the former Inspector General of Police Ibrahim to relocate to Benue state, he refused. Three months later, Buhari claimed that he was not aware that Idris did not take his order. No consequences came upon Idris. Why? Hidden agenda. Between January and March 2018 when Idris refused to relocate, 203 persons were killed in Benue state excluding the 87 killed on New year day. We are talking about human beings here!

Now the European Union parliament claims that 6,000 human beings have been killed in the regime of Retired Maj. Gen M. Buhari and the number is still counting. Ever wondered why, for 12 years, this man so desperately wanted to be President? Agenda!

Those persons imported from Niger republic to campaign for APC were also given PVC to vote. They will gladly be armed against the rest of us. Buhari has them in his pocket. That was why he budgeted billions in the 2020 budget to construct railway from Nigeria into Niger republic. Did any senator see anything wrong in this? The offence of foreign intervention into American politics is what led to the debate for the impeachment of Donald Trump. What Donald did as an offence is far less than the national Muhammadu has created so far.

Nigeria is currently surrounded with foreign mercenaries. T.Y Danjuma was not kidding when he advised us to arm ourselves. A former defence Minister like him get deep information.

Some terrorists currently ride Okada. Others sell yams while some are shoe makers in different regions of Nigeria. Their daily chores is to enable them to be familiar with the terrain.

On the day of battle, you will see boys younger than the one that killed the Unimaid student Ropvil Daciya Dalep, clad in chains of bullets spraying sporadically at living and non-living objects. The cows, potatoes and tomatoes packed in lorries from the north are much more than meets the eyes. Huge cache of weapons have also been transported. Search some mosques now and findings will shock you.

The slaughtering of Christians is to provoke us to start the war. The technique of ‘provocation’ was used by the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler to invade Poland in 1939. When the German information minister reported the aftermath of the invasion of Poland to Hitler, he said that “Warsaw saw War and War saw Warsaw”.

Do you think that today’s senate will vote for the dissolution of Nigeria? This may be the weakest in terms of accomplishments. They are more interested in unproductive ventures like anti-social media bills and hate speech.

If you break Nigeria into 774 countries as we have in local government areas, you will still find the deep Nigerian traits in the 774 countries. Nothing will change.

Countries are not divided based on the insults and screams from the social media. It is even worse for us because we see tribe and religion before we see ourselves as people. That alone, has weakened the strength for collective battle.

Have you observed that Miyeti Allah now talk as if they are the fourth organ of government? The Ministry of Information makes sure that they receive media attention. That is why you see the microphones of different media houses whenever they dish out their usual threats. They confessed killing people in Plateau state. They apologized for the killing in Benue. Was anybody arrested? Will that happen in a normal society?

They hate Amotekun because it ambushed the hidden agenda. The eastern and southern region should quickly start their security outfits. Sadly, most governors steal their monthly security votes. We have been killing ourselves since 1999.

The killing going on now is just to train and practice. Call it the trailer to the main film.

I am not stating that we should afraid. We must be warned. If war happen in Nigeria today, I am safe and far away with my family. Yet, I cannot bear to see the death of my people. I know war. I was born into war. I am an expert in War and Peace management by training. There is no good war; neither is there bad peace. Nigeria is too blessed and beautiful to be so continually cursed with bad leaders. We are too blessed to be poor and unsecured. I write and I do videos because my heart is heavy for home. I do not expect anything for myself. I expect every good thing for all of us. When you say what I say, it is because you are ready to take the risk of your life. Many agitators for the division of Nigeria have no strategies. They just talk as in chorusing their wish. Many cannot take the risk it entails.

This is the time for national reconciliation and deep sober reflection. Enough of agitations for self. We must all rise together and teach government what to do. For how long must 5,000 enslave 200million? Are we so stupid?

Have you noticed that during elections, more violence occur in the east, south and west than in the north? Why? They protect their votes. They use under-aged voters to make up votes. They rigged previous census figures and inflated the number to give the impression that they are more. During elections, they need to justify their census figures both with rigging and voting. I will never discriminate against any part of Nigeria.

The greatest problem we have in the other parts of Nigeria is the use of thugs to destroy our votes. That weakens us before the north. Stop thuggery and money worship during our elections and you will be surprised that we could have very good leaders.

What we should really agitate for now is restructuring. We must give it a collective voice. The north does not want restructuring, neither do they want division. We must fight within the rule of law to be restructured peacefully. Federal legislators must be invited for instructions by traditional rulers and other citizens.

Helicopters currently drop resources to militants in our bushes. State governors must quick form regional security outfits to secure their states. Stop spending security votes selfishly. There is fire on the mountain. Conduct searches in religious places of worship and in bushes. Employ aerial surveillance and fighting jets now.

NOTE: What the north prefer is war. Whenever we try to secede, they will use it as an excuse. They have stocked ammunitions for that. It is the aftermath of that war that will lead to the Islamization and Fulanization we fear. They are already provoking us to war. It is spiritual awareness that made the church to declare fasting and prayer in place of fighting. The result of the fighting will be worse than what we see today. Only a fool will say in his heart that there is no God!

One thing many people do not seem to know is that there is nothing like referendum in the Nigeria constitution. The constitution has to be amended to include this. What people should be talking about is how to implement the 2014 confab report. It answers 88% of our today’s problems including restructuring.

The first step towards national reconstruction is to withdraw the N50 currency notes of so-called WAZOBIA. It carries deep spiritual ethnic consciousness.

Frederick Odorige

Frederick Odorige
January 25, 2020

Nigerian Head of State rtd Maj. Gen. Muhamadu Buhari returned to Nigeria from the United Kingdom on Friday 24 January 2020 after the UK-Africa business summit. On arrival, there were no huge traditional dancers to welcome him. Why?

In his previous ‘private’ trip where he went for medical care in the UK, Nigerians in the UK protested and booed at him for neglecting our hospitals and schools. When he returned from that trip, various cultural dance troupes were arranged to welcome him at the airport because his handlers wanted to give the false impression to the world that though he was booed, he is widely accepted back home!

His last trip to the business summit was not announced so that Nigerians in the UK will not have enough time to prepare to “welcome” him. His trip was announced on the very day he jetted out.

If cultural dances will be hired to welcome Buhari as a tradition, our national debt will rise from its current N26.22trn.

Did you also observe that after Senator Ike Ekweremadu was booed and “welcomed” by Nigerians in Germany, he also hired a crowd to welcome him at the airport? For every boo at politicians, there is a welcome political dance back home!

Did you also observe the silent drama when Anthony Joshua was guided and deceived to prostrate before dictator Buhari?

I watched the video of that moment when Abike Dabiri Chair person of the Diaspora Commission pulled a chair aside after Anthony started addressing Buhari. It was a sign to what was secretly agreed. Then Dabiri nodded her head slightly as a sign to Joshua as if “as discussed, the time has come; now prostrate”.

Oh! Dear Joshua! The humble and well cultured Yoruba guy fell flat for the antics of self-serving politician. Our boy prostrated before the tyrant! They gave him a political upper cut far different from the physical upper cut Joshua gave to Ukrainian Vladimír Klitshko!

Sowore would never prostrate before Buhari even as a Yoruba guy. Anyway, I like making excuses for people. I want to assume that Anthony did not prostrate. He was only practicing his usual press-ups at the gym! It was a public press-up!

We have written to him never to repeat that error. We are not talking about age and respect here. We are talking about global image. Muhammed Ali was a World boxing champion but he became the real champion when he stood up against injustice and oppression. Anthony Joshua must use his position to address human rights abuses, unlawful detentions and unbridled insecurity in Nigeria. That is what celebrities and champions too. He must use his image to champion our common cause.

In the 1960s Muhammed Ali criticized and protested against the American War against Vietnam. He refused to be drafted into that war. His words “I will not disgrace my religion, my people or myself by becoming a tool to enslave those who are fighting for their own justice, freedom and equality”. Muhammed Ali would never had prostrated before today’s Buhari.

Now the world is strategically inviting African leaders to come, beg and borrow.

UK invited Africa; all African presidents trooped there with their huge entourage to ask for one thing or another. Russia invited Africa; all African presidents trooped there with their huge entourage to ask for one thing or another. China invited Africa. All African presidents trooped there with their huge entourage to ask for one thing or another. They will never discuss African issues in Africa or come up with innovative ideas that will bring development. Countries are moving forward and we are talking about anti-social media bill and formulating legislative strategies on how to borrow more money or buy state-of-the-art cars for legislators while children beg for bread or used as suicide bombers or as terrorists who shoot our compatriots because they are Christians.

Africa never has enough despite the huge natural resources. Do not be surprised if North Korea will invite Africa in the near future for business talks! I refuse to be ashamed!

Even to fight malaria we borrow and seek foreign aids!

When next Nigeria will attend one of these business conferences, they should not just welcome the Head of State with dances and hypocrisy. The dancers should travel with Buhari to attend the programs wherever they are scheduled. We are known for dancing. They should also travel with our comedians to crack jokes of how the present blood-letting in Nigeria is the Nigerian way of fighting unemployment!

Begi-begi and borrow-borrow since 1960 independence; yet no visible results.

Frederick Odorige

Nigerians in Diaspora under the platform of the Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria have written a letter to the World Heavy Weight Boxing Champion for prostrating be Rtd Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari when he recently visited the United Kingdom.
Dear Anthony Joshua,

Dear Anthony Joshua,

You prostrated in error to a certified dictator

The Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria is made up of Nigerians in diaspora and others resident in Nigeria. On behalf of this great coalition, I wish to felicitate with you for the honour and respect you have brought to yourself and our country Nigeria by reason of your hard work and strong focus on your career. Whenever we see the tattoo of Africa in your arm, you give us a deep sense of belonging and pride while you attract so much respect to us as a people. You are highly appreciated and so loved!

Dear Anthony, you displayed how much you respect the Yoruba tradition and how well your parents brought you up when you prostrated in greeting to the Head of State Rtd Maj. General Muhammadu Buhari when he visited London in January 2020. You did that because he is an elder and who is well over 80 years of age. You also did that in respect for the position which he presently and temporarily occupies.

Anthony, before you met with Buhari, we saw when his advisers told you how they expected you to greet him traditionally. We saw the video where one of his aides quickly signalled the photographer to capture that very moment when you prostrated. We saw the glee in their eyes because to them, it was mission accomplished. We also saw that when you prostrated, General Buhari focused more on the camera because that was the goal. He was not looking at you. We doubt if he truly knew the meaning of the belts you presented to him. Anthony, you are a self-made man by the grace of God. Nigeria did not make you. Yes, Nigeria needs you because the world likes success. We were glad to hear when you said that you are always ready to assist whenever Nigeria needs you. We salute your uncommon patriotism. Yes, Nigeria needs you for better things. We need you to support respect for human rights and the rule of law in Nigeria. We need you to give hope and courage to a dying generation of youths abandoned by government.

Mohammed Ali was a heavy weight boxing champion but he became the real champion when he stood up against oppression and injustice by fighting against and identifying with the pains of the common man. Ali stood against the immoral Vietnam War in the 1960s. We remember his words „ I will not disgrace my religion, my people or myself by becoming a tool to enslave those who are fighting for their own justice, freedom and equality.”

Nigerians in the United Kingdom are in hundreds of thousands.  You may not have observed that the persons who sat in the room the day you met with the Head of State were more of Government officials than Nigerians in diaspora. They filled themselves in the hall to give the false impression that it was mainly Nigerians in diaspora because when Buhari previously visited the UK, he was booed by the real Nigerians living in the UK who protested because of his failed election promises and his dictatorial policies. He regularly travels abroad for medical care and sends all his children abroad for studies while our hospitals and schools remain dilapidated.

Dear Anthony, your global image must be jealously guarded from desperate politicians who may want to use you to mend their shattered, tattered and battered images. Nigerians are not interested in public image making by government. We want good roads, stable electricity, security and all the welfare that makes life comfortable in a normal society. Is that asking for too much?

You may not know that when Buhari was in the UK, 17 of our soldiers were killed by Boko haram. If that tragedy had happened to British soldiers, Boris Johnson would quickly had returned home from that conference and address the nation. Buhari never did as usual.

Anthony, we encourage you to regularly read and watch Nigerian news. Read Punch online and Premium Times. They are, among others, objective and courageous news reporters. If you had been following Nigerian news, you would never stand before, prostrate or shake hands with Muhammadu Buhari. He is a dictator with no respect for the Nigerian constitution which he swore to protect and to preserve. Did you not know that the parliament of the European Union just reported that under Buhari as Nigerian Head of State, over 6,000 Nigerians have been killed and he is doing almost nothing to address the situation? Did you not read their report that there is currently an extermination of human beings in Nigeria? Don’t you know that Journalists have been unlawfully detained and our courts are now invaded by security operatives against the rule of law?

Did you hear about Pastor Lawan Andimi who was the Chairman of the Christian association of Nigeria in Adamawa State? He was kidnapped. He called on the Head of state and the Governor for help. He received no help. He was killed. He left his wife and children behind.

Don’t you know that the regime of Buhari has declared that Amotekun the security outfit established by the governors of your South West region is illegal and that they must not commence the security of lives and properties so that more persons could be killed and kidnapped? Do you know that hundreds of our girls have been kidnapped and killed under the watch of Muhammadu Buhari who is supposedly a retired army general that ought to have the managerial acumen to secure the lives and properties of Nigerians in and out of the confines of the Federal Republic of Nigeria? Did you hear about Leah Sharibu?

When you shook hands with Buhari you shook the hands that superintended over the killing of 58 Nigerians in the election that forcefully brought him into office. The hand that used under-aged voters in the north and have made northerners a flock of children beggars who neither attend school nor have access to basic health care. You shook hands with he who superintends over the killing of Christians, razing of villages and displacement of families. Your obeisance to the tyrant was both excessive and unnecessary.  They did not tell you the truth. They used you. Though they gave you a political upper-cut reminiscent of the physical upper-cut you gave to Ukrainian Vladimir Klitshko, you must never allow them to give you a political knock out.

Please do not water down the special anointing you carry in your hands. Anthony, we know that you are a very nice and humble person. We know that you were innocent of what you did. Over 40 court cases have been disobeyed by Buhari’s regime. Many Nigerians are currently in detention against court orders. Your prostration sent a wrong signal to the world that all is well with our country which is currently on the brink of disintegration. Our land is drenched with the blood of our compatriots.

Please do not join the silence of other Nigerian celebrities who continue to be silent to the plight of the people after riding to fame with our patronage. As for you, our patronage did not put you in your current position. Your hard work and determination and God’s grace put you there.  You would have been popular only within your Shagamu town in Ogun state if you were residing in Nigeria because though we are so naturally endowed, today’s politicians continue to loot our commonwealth and have no provision for the development of our youths who they ridiculously refer to as the leaders of tomorrow.  They have looted our country so dry that we now borrow to fund our entire budget. Anthony, they have made you the product of the poverty capital of the world were about a hundred million citizens live in extreme poverty while her federal legislators continue to receive much more than the British Prime Minister and the President of the United States. We are currently indebted to the tune of N26.22 trillion while the regime is planning to borrow more. The future of our youths have been mortgaged by a few. You are the product of a country where one in five children die before the age of 5 because the Head of state you shook hands with budgets more for his personal welfare and that of his cabals and legislators. He has seized the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. Now he is desperate to seize the social media with obnoxious laws. The only thing that has improved in the health sector since 2015 is the health of rtd Maj. General Buhari.

Dear compatriot, we respectfully ask that you should use your position to promote respect for human rights, attract development to our country especially in the areas of education, health and Security. When next they plan to use your image to advance their self-serving politics, please kindly check with  us, any other organization or any mainstream Nigerian media about the condition of the country in terms of respect for the rule of law, security and welfare which forms the cornerstone of the Nigerian constitution.

There are rumours that they may be considering giving you a political appointment to boost their battered image. Please look before you leap. Not all that glitter is gold.

Anthony, go on, keep winning and keep making us proud. We assume that your prostration was one of your usual press ups at the gym.

We wish you good luck and good health as you keep fighting and winning.

God bless you; God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.   Thank you.

Frederick Odorige

Global Coordinator.

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