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The story of this coalition began on 15 February 2018 when the first youtube video of Frederick Omoyoma Odorige started making positive impacts on Nigerian viewers across the globe. The idea to form a movement came from followers who called for the formation of a platform where the ideas could be collectively articulated. Frederick went further to develop the political ideology known as `Revolution Without Ammunition` and published several books on it as a non- violent call for Nigerians to put their differences aside and boldly speak with one voice against misgovernance and social inequality by acting and saying “NO to vote buying; we will be saying NO to insecurity; No to disenfranchisement; No to corruption; No to rigging; No to bogus salaries for state, federal legislators and the executives; No to the murderous herdsmen; No to political godfatherism and the evil political ancestors who have refused to die; No to terrorism and their sponsors; No to unsteady electricity supply; No to inadequate health care facilities; No to politicians who travel abroad for health care while our people die at home; No to delay in the payment of salaries and pensions; No to budget padding; No to injustice and the detention of Nigerians without trial; No to those that continue to undermine our voices and rights as a people; No to recycled leaders; No to indiscriminate allocation of oil blocs; No to marginalization and the continuing environmental degradation in Niger Delta; No to inflated and abandoned projects; No to selective anti-corruption fight; No to V.I.P. treatment to some Nigerians in prison; No to life pension for former Governors and former Presidents; No to some religious leaders that have lied and led us astray; No to state electoral commissions inaugurated and manipulated by Governors; We are set to say No and Nooo to whatever has held us down as a people for too long.”

This gave birth to the formation of the European Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria, ECSDN; as a platform to address decades of mis-governance in Nigeria. Due to further interests from Nigerians outside Europe, the name of the coalition was changed to the Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria, GCSDN. It has become the largest Nigerian diaspora platform with membership across the globe and Nigerian states.

On 1st November 2018 it became the first Nigerian non-governmental association to independently organize an online election to test the will of Nigerians in diaspora at choosing a preferred Presidential candidate for the 2019 Presidential election. Since then, various humanitarian and human right programs have been supported by enthusiastic members who are very anxious to see a Nigeria that could measure up with those in developed countries.

26 January is observed as the founder’s day.

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